The Most Famous TikTokers In Pakistan

The Most Famous TikTokers In Pakistan

TikTok is a Chinese video making and lip-syncing application. In Pakistan, many people use it to entertain others. Thus, a wide number of users who are fond of revealing their diverse talents, utilize the services of the app. Therefore, today, several application users are believed to be the most famous TikTokers in Pakistan. About their popularity, many platform admirers have millions of followers, viewers, and likes.

Top 10 Most Famous TikTokers

Pakistan is filled with numerous TikTokers with millions of views. This article mentions the top ten app users with millions of viewers and followers.

Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza is the most followed personality on TikTok in Pakistan, as the number of her followers is 13.3 million. A huge variety of people like her content on the platform. Moreover, she was recently approached by many since she moved to Japan after the TIKTOK ban in Pakistan.

CH. Zulqarnain

Ch. Zulqarnain is the second most popular personality on Tiktok where he enjoys more than 11 million followers due to his choice of content and videos. As per his followers, they enjoy the location of his TikTok videos.

Kanwal Aftab

Reportedly, Kanwal Aftab gained popularity from the student’s support since her videos became popular among the students of multiple Pakistani universities. They praised her for her bold and creative videos on the platform.  She is one of the most famous TikTokers of Pakistan with 11.6 million followers.

Hoor Mahaveera

Hoor Mahaveera is among those popular individuals who supposedly earned fame through Tiktok videos on multiple other social media platforms. Even her Instagram page is equally active as her TikTok account. 

Areeqa Haq

In Pakistan, a few people post content that comprises of uniqueness. Areeqa Haq is among those people with the tendency of producing many creative videos that many of her followers like to watch.

Ali Khan

Ali Khan is also known by the name Ali Haiderabadi on the video making app. He is allegedly recognized for his comedy videos as well as his content on friendship and several other topics.

Nadeem Mubarak

Nadeem Mubark/Naniwala holds the rank of one of the most famous TikTokers of Pakistan in 2021. However, his alleged leaked video with Hareem shah left a bad impact on the public regarding his reputation. They started trolling him and some even despised him after the bad news. Also, when he was in Lahore, a group of people gathered and started beating him, which raised many questions among the public about his credibility as a popular personality.  


Dolly is the famous TikTok personality who is popular for her fashion sense along with her videos on the famous lip-syncing application. Her, social media accounts are flooded with diverse videos and pictures that justify her interest in fashion.

Tauqeer Ahmad (Phoolllu)

Supposedly, Tauqeer Ahmad who is also popular by the name Phoolllu on social media as well as on TikTok, was a wager worker, according to reports. Now, due to TikTok, he gained status through which he started doing paid promotions of different brands, assumably.

Minahil Malik

Minahil Malik is usually seen in collaboration with Tiktok videos with another TikToker. She lost a certain follower due to the news about her scandal. Although, she is yet considered to be one of the most famous TikTokers of Pakistan.