Kids are the pickiest people when it comes to gifts. They want the most fun game or else you have to handle all their tantrums. Everybody wants to see the bright smile of kids which comes when they receive their favorite gift. But finding the perfect gift for kids aged between 1 to 5 years are such a difficult task that you might find yourself browsing for an online birthday gift or asking other people to suggest some gift ideas. But don’t worry! We have made your search easier and brought some great gift ideas for kids between 1 to 5 years so that you can make their birthday a great one.


There are many board games available in the market with which you can surprise a kid with. Board games are entertaining as well as helpful in improving a child’s focus power. Games like ludo, chess, Jenga, and many other board games will make a boring day entertaining. You can also search for many other newly introduced board games that will make your kid spend more time sharpening his mind rather than wasting his/her time with gadgets. Get an entertaining board game for your kid and surprise him/her on his birthday. Make his/her birthday a great one.


Toy blocks contain various types like wooden rainbow stackers, mini tuduo baby blocks, wooden toy blocks, shape sorting cubes, and many more. These toy blocks help toddlers to improve their creativity, kid’s problem solving ability, and many more. This gift is perfect for a kid of 1 year, where his/her personal abilities should be worked upon. Through these blocks, kids also learn animals, plants, different shapes, fruits, texture of solids, and many more. These help to improve the thinking and intelligence ability of the children. Moreover, these blocks will keep your child entertained. 


The age of 4 and 5 is perfect to make a child habitual to reading books. Buy storybooks for children so they can develop the habit of reading books. This is a very important feature to be developed in a child. Gift some interesting books full of fantasies and good moral values to your child. Keep your child entertained and busy in these productive tasks. Picture books and storybooks are the best options for children. Buy your children the best books which would shape their future. You can also convey happy birthday wishes with flowers to kids that will make them dance with joy. Make their day a beautiful one.


Children are always curious to know new things and explore the world. Cosmology will amaze every child out there. You can gift various cosmology toys with which your children will gain interest in the universe and its mysteries. They can also look at the skies, stars, and planets through various cosmological instruments. You can buy these great entertaining as well as a knowledgeable gift for your child and make their future a bright one. Gaining knowledge and knowing about new things about this world will open their minds at a younger age which will make their minds sharp. Such useful and beneficial gifts are far better than superficial gifts which have no benefit for your children. Also, don’t forget to throw a great birthday party for your child as children are most excited about such things. Give them a beautiful gift , flowers, and surprise them on their special day.


Every child has an infatuation with colors. They love to create a mess with colors. You can surprise your child with a great paint set to encourage them towards painting and coloring. Help them develop and improve their talent. Get a color set containing wax crayons, oil-pastel colors, sketch pens, glitter pens, watercolors, and many other color types. Excite your child with these beautiful colors. Develop their sense of color and creativity. Make their potential increase and shape their bright future with your contribution. Make this birthday a great one for your kid. 


These are some of the great gift ideas for kids between 1 to 5 years. These are not only entertaining gifts but gifts that will make their minds sharpen and future bright. Develop their skill, make them happy, encourage them, and support them in every small thing. Throw a great birthday party for your kid and make him/her feel special. Have a joyous and fun day. Make this day a great and special one for your child.