What Is Face Serum? The Benefits of Using Face Serum

Somehow face serum benefits seem to be one of beauty’s best kept secrets at the moment! But they shouldn’t be a secret; everyone should know exactly why they want that little bottle of golden goodness in their beauty regime.

What Is Face Serum?

Face serum can give a cream-like texture, and you apply it just as you would a moisturizer or a foundation (this is a particularly great way to use a face serum as a base to conceal rather than “resculpt.”) Face Serum Benefits Some face serum benefits are undoubtedly due to the fragrance/compound of the product, and some seem to be pretty basic — serum is simply a mild, lightweight, water-based moisturizer, right?

How to Use Face Serum The key to using a face serum product is applying it after your regular moisturizer. And a good rule of thumb is that, even if the product has a really luxurious name, it’s still going to feel quite lightweight. However, since you are less likely to use it in small amounts, the benefits should be more apparent, especially if you have dry skin.

Why Should I Use Face Serum?

Sure, there are other things to consider besides the obvious, like moisturizing, controlling oil production, and healing, but what sets the best face serum in Pakistan category apart from the rest? Much like the basic hair care products we have all become accustomed to, face serums all do one thing – set and sculpt the face. They do this by adding collagen (a protein that acts as the building block of your skin’s matrix), hyaluronic acid (which contains hydrating water and salts), and glycolic acid (a naturally occurring, cell regenerating acid) to the skin. This results in a smoother, less oily, younger-looking complexion. Many facial serums go on at night and are washed off in the morning.

How to Apply Your Face Serum

1. Prep your skin in the morning by using a face mask or face wash. Use moisturising creams, and be sure to use the regular formulas or chemical exfoliating creams. And always be careful when it comes to a chemical exfoliator – as all of these types of products have really high levels of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that can damage your skin, even if they’re unscented.

2. Apply the serum. This is your time to really treat your skin. Put your hands on your face, and spread the serum across your skin in a thin, even layer. The cream will absorb really quickly, so if you need to do more than two to three passes on one area, give yourself a hand. Make sure to spread it out evenly, and then pat it in with your fingertips. Make sure you don’t drag the skin, and do at least two more passes.

Top Products for Your Facial Skin

Ever tried using a face serum on your own face? Did you find it a bit difficult to put it on and take it off? Well, if you haven’t, then you might want to give face serum another try. Because it will change your life (I can be dramatic, you know). Face Serums and How They Work Your skin can be thirsty, my friends. And using a face serum helps to quench that thirst. But, not just any face serum will do. Face serums are not created equal, and each person’s skin is different, too. Your skin is unique, so your facial serum needs to be, too. Serums come in all different types, the most popular being the oil-based variety. For best Skin Care Products in Pakistan Visit Reana.pk


The extra moisture-rich components found in face serum help to ward off a pesky winter dryness and prevent skin from getting too dehydrated when the air gets colder. Apply a couple pumps after you wash your face and moisturise. Great for Oily Skin: Foundation should never feel heavy and clog the pores on your face, nor should it be too transparent. Serums are the perfect foundation for oily skin types. Benefits: Using a serum will lock in the desired moisture that foundation should give you. Use one tablespoon of the serum before applying your moisturiser for an even and lit from within glow! Mineral complexes are composed of minerals and other naturally occurring compounds. For example, vitamin C or vitamin E.